Language Classes

Spend Your Summer Learning a New Language

Berkeley Summer Sessions offers an extensive language program with 14 different languages from which to choose. Use the summer to fulfill a major requirement, brush up on a second language or introduce yourself to a whole new world. Our language classes range from introductory to advanced and are offered in multiple sessions to best fit your schedule. Learning a new language can open up academic and career opportunities for the rest of your life.

Enrollment is open to Berkeley students as well as visitors.

  • Learn a new language
  • Fulfill requirements
  • Prepare for professional networking
  • Open your world to new cultures
  • Financial aid may be available

2024 Language Classes

Summer Sessions offers a unique set of language classes designed for language immersion over a short period. These classes focus on vocabulary, writing and speaking. Our Intensive Language classes condense a semester or a year's worth of language content (5-10 units) into the shortened summer session.


Interested in English as a Second Language classes? Visit the Summer English Language Studies program.