A summer minor can enrich your area of study and give you the freedom to develop the skills in a subject you love. Upon graduation, you will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge that can help you stand out from the crowd. And if you're considering graduate school, a minor can bolster your application.

  UC Berkeley students can earn a summer minor in the subjects below. $2,000 scholarships are available to matriculated UC Berkeley students. Starting in Summer 2022, the scholarship amount will be reduced to $1,500. Learn More.

Visiting domestic and international students can earn a certificate in the subjects below. Visit the minor/certificate pages below to learn more about eligibility requirements and the courses available.


Summer Minors (certificate option available for visiting students)


The Developing Child

The Developing Child minor is an interdisciplinary, developmental science program focused on children from birth to age 8. Integrating research, practice, and policy with problem-solving and implementation skills in the real world, the innovative coursework and practicum will enrich your approach to working with or on behalf of young children.

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Digital Humanities (online)

The Digital Humanities minor program brings students to the cutting edge of scholarship in the humanities. In this study, powerful digital tools allow you to create, organize, analyze, and represent your research projects in digital forms. No prior experience is needed to enroll. Imparting both technical and humanistic knowledge, the digital humanities minor teaches you to ask timeless questions, and answer them using today’s tools.

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Educating for the 21st Century (online)

Interested in a career in education or want to learn more about teaching and learning? Educating for the 21st Century is a minor program featuring online courses that cover a range of issues concerning modern education, from digital environments to global schooling. You will gain experience not just learning about educational theories, but also real-world experience as teacher-mentors through our unique practicum experience.

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Educating for the 21st Century: Teaching English to Multilingual Students (online)

This minor gives students theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the teaching of English as a second language. If you are planning to teach as a career, looking to enhance your English-teaching, or simply want to travel and teach short-term, this minor provides you with the skills you’ll need.

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Global Public Health

The Public Health field seeks to improve human populations by developing and applying knowledge that can prevent disease and promote health throughout the state, nation, and world. Students who earn a Global Public Health minor will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in many disciplines for the promotion and protection of human health with due consideration to human rights principles and varying cultural perspectives.

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Journalism in the Digital Age

Success in the era of digital communications requires proficiency not just in consuming media but also in producing it. The Journalism in the Digital Age minor is for students who want to develop their communication skills across all current and emerging platforms. You will focus on core reporting and writing methods, social media, video, multimedia packages, and other forms of online and printed media.

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Race and the Law

Jointly offered by the departments of African American Studies and Ethnic Studies, the Race and the Law minor develops an understanding of the fundamental interconnections between race and the law within and beyond the U.S. You will examine how the law has been instrumental in codifying racial difference and racial hierarchies, as well as how racialized peoples have used the law as an instrument of protest and social change. Interdisciplinary courses will cover a wide range of fields, and possible topics include The Carceral State; The Civil Rights Movement; Race and Immigration; Social Movements and the Law; Citizenship; Indigenous Legal Systems; Law and Literature; and Race, Environmental Justice, and the Law.

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dollar sign

The Energy and Resources Group’s Summer Sustainability Minor/Certificate equips students with practical and relevant tools for tackling the world's pressing environmental, economic, social, political, and cultural issues. The program’s interdisciplinary approach imparts a broad understanding of global and local environmental change; the science, engineering, economics, and policy of renewable energy; biodiversity; the economics of degradation and sustainability; and environmental justice.

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Responsible Process Implementation

This minor introduces students to the fundamental concepts of how a technology professional can effectively perform in a business environment; the statistical process control techniques to monitor process quality; the role that Green Chemistry plays in industry; and the environmental impacts of chemical processes on workers, consumers and society. The program includes team-based projects to enable students to learn how to solve real-life industrial process engineering problems using cases from industry partners. The emphasis of the program is to integrate all of these aspects to enhance each student’s effectiveness in their subsequent professional careers.

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Summer Minors In Development for 2022:

The Clinical & Counseling Psychology minor allows students to explore the diverse career paths of clinical and counseling psychology. The curriculum focuses on basic psycho-biological and sociocultural mechanisms (e.g., neurobiology, social relationships, culture/race/ethnicity) that underlie common mental health problems across the life span. It also provides an overview of major theories and issues/debates in applied mental health professions across different practice settings (e.g., schools, independent practice, hospitals, and industry).

The Summer Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy explores the complex relationship between global business, public policy and sustainability. Delivered jointly by the Haas School of Business and the Rausser College of Natural Resources, the Summer Minor covers economic and business fundamentals that illustrate how businesses and entrepreneurs can help lead towards a more sustainable future, while emphasizing the critical role of government regulation in shaping market context.

Additional Summer Certificates/Charters

(available only as certificates/charters for both UC Berkeley and visiting students)


Berkeley Charter of Professional Accountancy

Gain knowledge of the discipline, prepare for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and demonstrate your commitment to employers by attaining the Berkeley Charter of Professional Accountancy (BCPA). In just two summers the BCPA provides you with the accounting knowledge to pursue a CPA, as well as careers in economics, finance, and accounting more broadly.

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Film & Media Industries and Professions

This three-course certificate is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in film and media. The curriculum exposes you to industry structures that govern a broad range of media professions, fields, and practices. Individual courses introduce you to the various processes entailed in developing, pitching, and producing media content; provide an understanding of the roles played by various artists and professionals in the production, distribution, and exhibition of content; provide a critical understanding of the key business and legal concepts relevant to intellectual property in our changing media landscape, and provide opportunities to learn about film and media practices from award-winning artists.

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