Student Housing

    Students seeking housing for summer should apply immediately after enrolling for classes as accommodations tend to fill up quickly.

  • University residence halls
    Many students live in these dormitories during the regular school year. Located just a few short blocks from campus, these single, double, and triple occupancy rooms all come with a meal plan.

  • International House
    The I-House is a residential and program center located at the top of campus and welcomes U.S. and international students, visiting scholars, researchers and post docs. Single and double occupancy rooms come with a meal plan.

  • All students living in university housing should abide by the Residential Code of Conduct

  • Other housing affiliated with UCB:

    • Sublets
      Get connected with UC Berkeley students who plan to leave their houses and apartments for the summer and are searching for someone to take over their rent while they are away.

    • Family housing
      Located 3.5 miles west of campus, University Village is an organized, spacious family community with one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments/townhomes.

    • Berkeley Lab Guest House
      Located on the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory campus, guests can access the UC Berkeley campus via shuttle bus, car, bicycle, or foot. It offers standard, large, and studio rooms.

    • Berkeley Student Co-op
      This affordable student-run housing option offers a unique student experience. Rooms are in an apartment, rooming houses, or room and board house with predominantly Berkeley students and include a mandatory work shift for 2 to 5 hours each week. Please keep in mind, not all students living in a co-op will be enrolled in summer classes.

  • Housing options not affiliated with UCB
    As a service to students, Summer Sessions provides information on alternative housing options not owned by or affiliated with the University. The University does not endorse any housing and does not guarantee the service or quality of service offered.

  • Beware of internet housing scams.

  • Never wire money or provide sensitive personal information to unknown renters on the internet before you view the apartment/room.
  • When using the internet to research housing options not affiliated with UC Berkeley, always make sure that the person renting out the apartment/room is the owner or the property manager.