2024 International Visitor Fees

To Apply for Summer Sessions:

Please review the International Students Checklist first. Once you have reviewed the entire checklist and completed all of the items in the “Before You Apply” section, then you can submit the application.

Type of student Per Unit Charge Registration Fee International Service Fee Document Management Fee
International Visitor $595 $550 $500 $68

Please note: Figures for tuition and fees represent currently approved or proposed amounts and may not be final. Actual tuition and fees are subject to change by the University of California as determined to be necessary or appropriate. Final approved tuition and fee levels may differ from the amounts presented.

How to Calculate Cost

Select classes and note the unit value of each course:

MATH N16B: 3 Units

ART 8: 4 Units

Total Units: 7

Calculate Total Tuition: $595 x 7 = $4,165

Add Registration Fee: $550

Add International Service Fee: $500

Add Document Management Fee: $68

Total Due: $5,283*

*This total does not include the $25 Application Fee or any cost of housing, living expenses, travel/visa expenses, or Course Materials and Services Fee(s).

Drop for Non Payment Policy

All Summer Sessions fees must be paid in full within seven days from when you enroll in classes, or you will be dropped from your classes. Students are solely responsible for dropping all their classes, including waitlisted classes, before the appropriate deadlines if they do not plan to attend.

The Drop for Non Payment process runs only up to one week prior to the beginning of each session. Adding or enrolling in a class just before the class begins or during the first week of the session means you accept financial responsibility for the class fees.

Application Fee

There is a $25 fee paid at the time of application (non-refundable).

Registration Fee

Registration Fee is not refundable once your first session begins. The Registration Fee for international students includes the Institutional Resilience and Enhancement Fee (IREF).

International Service Fee

International Service Fee is assessed to all international visitors coming to UC Berkeley. Only Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and U.S. passport holders are exempt from this fee. For more information, please refer to the Visa Information Section.

For students enrolled in classes held in person and require travel to campus, the International Service Fee becomes non-refundable once the visa document (I-20) has been issued. For students enrolled in web-based classes and do not require travel to campus, the International Service Fee becomes non-refundable after the first enrolled session has started.

Document Management Fee

The Document Management Fee is assessed one-time per status and degree level. For summer, new and returning students with a new status and degree level will be assessed the fee. Continuing and returning students in the same status and degree level will not be assessed this fee again. The Document Management Fee provides unlimited official transcripts sent through first class mail or provided over the counter in person at Cal Student Central.

This fee becomes non-refundable once your first enrolled session begins.

Course Materials and Services Fees

Some departments charge Course Materials and Services Fee for specific classes, such as those with science or computer labs, photography labs, art supplies, or similar costs. Courses with this fee should be noted in the Class Schedule, although the amounts may not be known at the time of publication.

Summer Tuition Credit

When a course is dropped after the refund deadline of the session, students receive Summer Tuition Credit, instead of refunds, that can be applied towards the tuition of a new subsequently added class in the same summer term. Summer Tuition Credits are not applied towards the tuition of the previously enrolled course(s). Review this page for further information on Summer Tuition Credit.

Don’t forget to look at the checklist for international students at every step of your application process!

For more information on attending Summer Sessions as an international visitor, check out an upcoming informational webinar.