Adding Courses and Waitlisted Courses

Important notice: Students are responsible for all of their enrollment decisions.

Adding Classes

Deadline to Add Classes

If you wish to add or enroll in a class after instruction has begun, it is strongly recommended that you attend the class and speak with the instructor first. While the deadline to add/enroll in classes is two weeks after the start of a session, it is not a guarantee that you can successfully complete the coursework.

If you are enrolled in only one class and want to enroll in a different class, you must use the Swap function (see below) to switch to another class or add the new class first then drop the class you no longer want. It is your responsibility to drop courses you do not wish to take. Please be aware of your session enrollment change deadlines before making any course changes.

Disclaimer: Although very few courses are canceled, Berkeley Summer Sessions reserves the right to cancel a course if there are not enough enrolled students in the course before the beginning of instruction. The sponsoring academic department may also cancel courses based on their internal criteria.

Waitlisted Classes

Generally, classes are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Once class enrollment reaches its limit, a waitlist is opened. Students on most waitlists are automatically enrolled in order as space becomes available. If you no longer want to be enrolled in a waitlisted class, you must drop the waitlisted class prior to the refund deadline to avoid being responsible for the tuition and fees.

Swapping Classes

The swap function can be used to drop one class and simultaneously add another. By swapping, rather than dropping then adding, you ensure you keep your original enrollment until your enrollment in the new class is confirmed.

If you are enrolled in only one class, you must use the Swap function to switch to another class, or add the new class first then drop.

Because swapping is a combination of adding and dropping a course, deadlines and policies for both Add and Drop actions apply when using the swap function.

Scheduling Conflict

Time conflicts should be avoided and you should not expect instructors to accommodate time conflicts in your class schedule.

When attempting to add classes with a time conflict, you may or may not be able to add them depending on each class’s attribute. If you are able to enroll in classes with a time conflict, you must resolve the time conflict by changing your schedule before instruction begins. Students are encouraged to use the Swap function when adding a waitlisted class that conflicts with another enrolled class.

International student info Visiting international students:

Visiting international students seeking information about enrollment changes should visit the Enrollment Changes for International Students page.