Learning German will open up astonishing new cultural vistas, enable you to communicate with 120 million people in several European countries, and expose you to the world of great thinkers such as Nietzsche, Kafka, and Freud. Berkeley's German Department has long been recognized as one of the most innovative in the country. The department has pioneered and promoted interdisciplinary German Studies since the 1970s.

Summer German language courses at Berkeley are coordinated by a stellar teacher, Nikolaus Euba. Euba's teaching awards include the Star Award for Excellent Service to the Student Community (1998), the Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching Award (2001), and most recently the Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of Graduate Student Instructors (2007), a recognition of the German Department's careful training of its language course teachers. One of Euba's specialties is the integration of drama pedagogy and theatrical performance into the foreign language learning experience.

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