Other Types of Students

Domestic infoIndependent Students

Take advantage of open enrollment at one of the world's great universities. During the summer, UC Berkeley's academic program is open to adults, high school graduates, community residents, and anyone else in the group we call "independent." About 1,000 of the nearly 16,000 summer students fall into this category.

Take a course for personal enrichment. Prepare for a future degree program. Advance your job options. Whatever reason you choose, you enrich the classroom environment with your viewpoints and experience. All we ask is that you be committed to a serious course of study.

UC Employees

You can benefit from UC Berkeley's academic riches. Make the most of your employment at one of the world's finest universities by enrolling in a summer class. Take a course that interests you. Explore a new field. Expand your job options. You can even take a Physical Education course in yoga, conditioning, or tennis.

To make it easier for you to do that, Summer Sessions offers a Staff Discount, which allows eligible staff* to pay only the course fee for the selected class and the document management fee, while the $380 Enrollment Fee is waived.

Just complete the Staff Discount Form and send it or submit it in person to Summer Sessions, 1995 University Avenue, Suite 130, campus mail code 1080, along with a completed and signed Visiting Student Application, and proof of employment. You will be billed for the course fee and the Document Management Fee.

You can also apply online as a visiting student, submit credit card payment, and submit the application for the Staff Discount Fee Waiver afterward. If you qualify for the Staff Discount, you will receive a refund of the $380 Enrollment Fee.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel from Berkeley Summer Sessions prior to the "Cancel Registration" deadline for the first session you are enrolled in, you will be refunded all but the $100 nonrefundable cancellation fee. If you withdraw from Summer Sessions by the "Drop or Withdraw for Refund" deadline, you will be refunded the course fee.

*Current career, full-time casual, or partial year employees at any UC campus, lab, or the Office of the President are eligible. Long-term (appointments longer than six months) temporary staff are also eligible. You will need the approval of your immediate supervisor, who certifies your eligibility, and a verification of your employment by submitting an Employee Verification document. Continuing University of California students and researchers who have "courtesy appointments" without salary are not eligible for this fee waiver.




Pre-school and K-12 Teachers

Are you currently teaching full time in pre-school or grades K-12 in California? If so, we are offering you the chance to take up to 8 units at UC Berkeley Summer Sessions at a great rate.

This is your chance to catch up, brush up, earn valuable CEUs, or break new ground.  We offer more than 600 courses in 80 academic disciplines in five different sessions, beginning in late May and ending in mid-August.  The program is open to full-time pre-school and K-12 teachers in any public, private, or charter school in California.   School staff and administrators, those employed as substitute teachers, part-time teachers, or those matriculated in any University of California degree program are not eligible.

Teachers are invited to attend Berkeley Summer Sessions by paying the Enrollment Fee of $380 plus the one-time only $55 Document Management Fee. A Summer Sessions grant pays the balance of course fees for up to two courses which may be combined for no more than eight units.  To apply, choose a course, complete and submit the 100 Scholars Program Application Form, along with proof of full-time employment and the $380 Enrollment Fee plus the one-time only $55 Document Management Fee. We will notify you by e-mail of your participation in the program. Space is limited, and the program will fill on a first come, first-served basis.

To maintain your fee waiver, you must complete the courses with a grade of D- or better (Incomplete grades (I), Unsatisfactory (U), or no grade (NG) are not acceptable). If the courses are not completed with a passing grade or better, the fee waiver will be removed and you will be billed for the course.

  • Should you cancel your registration (drop all courses before the start of your first session), $100 of the Enrollment Fee is nonrefundable.
  • If you withdraw from Summer Sessions (drop all courses during the first week of your first course), the Enrollment Fee will not be refunded.
  • If you enroll in more than one course but drop a course after the refund deadline, the fee waiver will be removed, and you will be billed for the course(s).
  • If you withdraw from all courses after the first week of your first course, the fee waiver will be removed, and you will be billed for the course(s). The Enrollment Fee and the Document Management Fee are also non refunded.