Adding Courses and Waitlisted Courses

Adding Classes

Deadline to Add Classes

If you wish to add or enroll in a class after instruction has begun, it is strongly recommended that you attend the class and speak with the instructor first. While the deadline to add/enroll in classes is two weeks after the start of a session, it is not a guarantee that you can successfully complete the coursework.

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once class enrollment reaches its limit, a waitlist is opened. Students on most waitlists are automatically enrolled in order as space becomes available. In some cases, instructor’s signature or department consent may be required to be enrolled from the waitlist.

Swapping Classes

Swap function can be used to drop one class and simultaneously add another. By swapping, rather than dropping then adding, you ensure you keep your original enrollment until your enrollment in the new class is confirmed.

Scheduling Conflict

  • You are responsible for your enrollment decisions. Time conflicts should be avoided and you should not expect instructors to routinely accommodate time conflicts in your class schedule.
  • If you try to enroll in two classes that have a time conflict (overlapping days and time) and both classes do not assign the time conflict override attribute, you will not be able to enroll in the second class with a time conflict.
  • If you try to enroll in two classes that have a time conflict (overlapping days and time) and at least one of the two classes have the time conflict override attribute, indicating they allow students to enroll in classes with time conflicts, you will be able to enroll in both classes (assuming space/seat reservations are available). However, unless indicated otherwise, you should drop one of the the two classes with overlapping days and time (time conflicts) before instruction begins.
  • The Office of the Registrar and Cal Student Central no longer review petitions from students who want to enroll in classes with time conflicts. If you think you have been denied entry into a class because of a systems error, please submit a ticket to
  • Students are encouraged to use the “swap” function when adding to the waitlist for a class that meets at the same day and time as another class that they are already enrolled in. For additional information, please refer to the enrollment FAQ.


International student info Visiting international students:

Visiting international students seeking information about enrollment changes should visit the Enrollment Changes for International Students page.