1. How will Summer Sessions courses be offered this summer

Due to the continuing complications associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, UC Berkeley has made the decision to continue remote delivery of instruction for face-to-face classes through Summer Sessions 2020.

2, How will I know if the course(s) I wish to take will still be offered this summer?

Instructors who are scheduled to teach face-to-face classes have been instructed to begin modifying their class content to be delivered remotely using Zoom, bCourses, and other tools. It is clear that not all courses can be offered through remote instruction. We have asked departments to work with instructors to identify courses that cannot be delivered remotely and cancel them on the Online Schedule of Classes by April 10th.

3. What is the difference between remote & online courses?


Classes that move to a remote option will be conducted synchronously, based on the class times listed in the Course Catalog in the Pacific Time Zone and will require that students log in and be virtually present for all class meetings.


Online courses are specifically designed to be taught in a virtual setting and are asynchronous, meaning that there are no scheduled class times and therefore would be more flexible than remote class options. More than 30 fully online classes were scheduled to be delivered in Summer Sessions; information on these classes can be found at:

4. Whom should I contact regarding course selection?

When considering which classes to take, we strongly encourage you to consult with an academic advisor in your specific college, school, and/or major for further details.

5. Will my financial aid apply to remote &/or online courses?

Yes. Financial aid will be available to eligible students who register for a minimum of 6 units, as usual. For more information about financial aid for Summer Sessions 2020, please visit our financial aid page.

6. Will there be an orientation or activities during the summer?

During the summer Freshman and Transfer Edge students will have an online orientation and optional virtual workshops. The online orientation will serve as an introduction to UC Berkeley and the Freshman & Transfer Edge program. More information regarding the virtual orientation & workshops will be shared in June.