English Proficiency Requirement - Waivers

International Students (Non-affiliate applicants)

Under certain circumstances, international students applying to Berkeley Summer Sessions may request a waiver for the English Proficiency Requirement (EPR).

The applicant must be able to provide complete documentation for one of the following types of EPR waivers:

1. English is the primary language of your country and is not on the official List of EPR Exempt Countries. If this is the case, write a letter (email is acceptable), explaining that English is the primary or official language spoken in your country and include a website or other supporting documentation that we can use for verification (e.g. publications or website for government department, ministry, bureau, secretariat, or directorate-general).

2. You currently attend a university where English is the language of instruction for the majority of courses taught. If this is the case, simply write a letter explaining that more than 50% of the courses at your institution are taught in English and provide a website or other documentation that we can use for verification (e.g. official university publication such as a course catalog/brochure or university website).

3. You have attended schools at the secondary level (high school) or above for at least three years full-time where English is the principal language of instruction. If this is the case, provide copies of your school's records, or a graduation diploma along with a verification letter from the school with reference to the number of years studied at the school and English proficiency level. You must also provide a website address for the school.

All supporting documents must be written in English.