Berkeley's 10-week intensive course in Elementary Modern Korean, Korean 1, introduces students to the language, including the basic structures and hangul (Korean script). Emphasis is not only on speaking but also on reading and writing. The class, designed for students with minimal or no knowledge of Korean, is the equivalent of the Korean 1A-1B offered in the regular academic year.

Korean 10, a second-year, 10-week course in modern Korean with about equal attention given to speaking, reading, and writing, is the equivalent of the Korean 10A-1B offered in the regular academic year. Approximately 150 Chinese characters are systematically introduced.

The San Francisco Bay Area, home to a large and diverse Asian-American and Asian Pacific community, provides many amenities of special interest of Korean language and culture. Right here on campus, the Center for Korean Studies is one of the nation's most active academic centers for the study of Korean humanities and social sciences.

Elementary Korean 1

Intermediate Korean 10