Elementary Italian is a 10-week intensive course meant for those with no prior study of Italian. Whether for purposes of personal enrichment, travel, deepening your appreciation of opera, or mastering fine Italian cuisine, this course will provide you with a university level introduction to the Italian language. This course focus on practicing your listening and speaking skills on a daily basis. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand short dialogues, conversations and clips from mainstream Italian films and easily converse with your peers about your everyday life.

ITALIAN R5B 004 - Reading and Composition: Literature and Conversations in Retrospect: Reading and composition course based on works by Italians and foreigners about Italy and its culture and by Italians about their distinctive experiences of other cultures as tourists and emigrants.

ITALIAN R5B 003 - Reading and Composition: On Love and Violence: Studying Family: Our course is interested in the rudimentary question: how do we relate to one another? Among many possible answers, the family is prominent. In this class, we read literature and film drawn from modern and contemporary Italian and U.S. American cultural production, to consider how representations of family are constructed, reproduced, challenged, and reinvented.

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