1. How will Summer Sessions courses be offered this summer

Due to the continuing complications associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, UC Berkeley has made the decision to continue remote delivery of instruction for most face-to-face classes through Summer Sessions 2021.

2, How will I know if the course(s) I wish to take will still be offered this summer?

The schedule of classes is live, students will want to check the "Course Notes" section of the class for details regarding the mode of instruction.

3. What is the difference between remote & online courses?


Classes that move to a remote option will be conducted synchronously, based on the class times listed in the Course Catalog in the Pacific Time Zone and will require that students log in and be virtually present for all class meetings.


Online courses are specifically designed to be taught in a virtual setting and are asynchronous, meaning that there are no scheduled class times and therefore would be more flexible than remote class options. More than 100 fully online classes are scheduled to be delivered in Summer Sessions 2021.

4. Whom should I contact regarding course selection?

When choosing your classes, it is important to keep the distinction between remote and online courses in mind. Refer to this helpful video for more information on the difference between remote and online courses. Make sure to look through course syllabi and class notes on the course schedule to identify which style the course will be taught in and which best matches with your learning style. It also may be helpful to review the general undergraduate graduation requirements. Each college and school within UC Berkeley has its own requirements. Check with your specific college, school, and/or major for further details. If you are enrolling in a course for your intended major, you must take that course for a letter grade. To schedule a meeting with a summer sessions student services adviser, please visit our Help Center.

5. Will my financial aid apply to remote &/or online courses?

Yes. Financial aid will be available to eligible students who register for a minimum of 6 units, as usual. For more information about financial aid for Summer Sessions, please visit the Financial Aid And Scholarships website and review Summer Aid information.

6. Will there be an orientation or activities during the summer?

Yes! The program offers online pre-program and welcome webinars designed to orient students, provide academic and mental health resources, access academic advising and share tips on course selection. Participants also have access to a series of online workshops designed to familiarize students with campus resources and opportunities, and a variety of virtual socials where students can connect with their peers and program alumni.