2020 Summer Remote Courses

Summer Sessions 2020 face-to-face classes listed in the Class Schedule are being offered via remote (non face-to-face) delivery. Hundreds of courses are available!

Classes that are not suitable for remote instruction will be canceled and will not appear in the Class Schedule. The 30+ fully online classes offered by Summer Sessions through campus’s Digital Learning Services are still available.

Online courses are based in careful instructional design focused on both content AND interaction. Lectures are delivered through videos with high production value and interactive course discussions and facilitated through online platforms.

Emergency remote-delivery instruction is a temporary shift in delivery mode from face-to-face courses in times of crisis. The goal of emergency remote delivery instruction is to quickly set up reliable access to instruction.

You may register for any class at any time as cancellation fees are waived for Summer 2020 as long as you cancel before the published cancellation deadline. For international students, the International Service Fee will be waived when you enroll in online or remote-delivery courses.

Other Summer Sessions policies and procedures may be adjusted for Summer 2020 remotely delivered classes. Please continue to check the Summer Sessions website for updates.