Freshman Parents Letter

Dear Parents,

Every summer we open our doors to the world, and would now like to extend a special invitation to you and your student to be part of the exciting academic possibilities that exist here at Berkeley.

As you may already know, Freshman Edge is a program exclusively for students who have already been admitted to the University of California, Berkeley for the coming fall. This unique, award-winning program gives newly admitted freshmen a chance to take courses, get to know the campus and its many resources, make friends, and save money. In addition, participants can benefit by getting a head start on their required courses and by paying the same per-unit rate as a continuing UC Berkeley student.

Helping your child plan for his or her academic future can sometimes feel very overwhelming. There are so many things to do to prepare, and many times difficult to know where to begin. We at Berkeley Summer Sessions are offering to help make this process easier for you. Letters and Science W1 – Exploring the Liberal Arts is an online course for newly admitted freshmen students, particularly those who are excited to be at UC Berkeley but uncertain of where to start their academic explorations. Taking L&S W1 over the summer will give your child the best possible start on their education, and help ensure they make the most of their four years at Berkeley.

In addition to Freshman Edge, if your graduating senior has younger siblings in high school, the PreCollege Scholars Program may be a great way for them to get ahead in their academics. The PreCollege programs at Berkeley allow students who have completed the 10th or 11th grade with at least a "B" average to experience college life by spending a summer taking college-level courses on the UC Berkeley campus. Students can choose from over 100 specially selected courses and earn college credit. At the end of the program, upon request, students who receive passing grades will receive a personal letter of commendation from me to add to their college applications.

Summer Sessions is perhaps the most interesting term at Berkeley. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for your child to get a head start in their college career and for you to get a feel for what having a child in college is like. Also, you may find it helpful to visit the Cal Parents website. There is an array of information here intended to help parents of UC Berkeley students, including a Parent Resource Guide.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, contact us at We wish you and your child the best of luck in exploring future educational opportunities.

Rick Russo, MBA, CPA
Dean, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, and Lifelong Learning