Application Checklist

Before You Apply:

1. Carefully read the Berkeley Pre-College Scholars: Summer Commuter Program page. Pay special attention to the Eligibility, Deadlines, Fees, Refund Policy, and Academic Policies sections.
2. Talk to your parents about participating in the program.
3. Request an official or unofficial transcript from your high school.
4. Review the courses that are numbered between 1 and 99 (undergraduate, lower division) in Sessions C and/or D on the Course Schedule.
5. Note the Course Number (5-digit number associated with each course) and the number of units for the courses you would like to take.
6. Pick back-up classes in case the ones you want are full.
7. Complete your Letter of Interest (Click on "Application" tab).
8. Complete the Release of Authorization for Medical Treatment.



Application opens February 2019. 2018 application period is now closed.


After You Apply:

1. Use your application ID (which will be given to you on your application confirmation sheet) to access your Confirmed Class Schedule (CCS), which will be sent to you via email within two weeks.
2. Once you have received your CCS (which contains your student ID (SID) and PIN), you can set up a CalNet ID.
3. Go to the CalNet Identity Management page and enter your SID and PIN.
4. Enter a new password (follow link for required CalNet passphrase characteristics) and re-enter a new password.
5. Continue to check on the status of your application at CalCentral.
6. Attend the Pre-collegiate Orientation.
7. Begin classes and enjoy the co-curricular activities (Click on "Activities" tab).


Session CSession C Dates:
June 18 – August 10, 2018
Session DSession D Dates:
July 2 – August 10, 2018