Letters & Science W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts - International and Visiting Students

I am very glad that I have taken this course, which did not only introduce me to the various resources at Cal, but also showed me what academic and campus life are like at Cal. I no longer feel intimidated and deeply uncertain about my freshmen year at Cal as an international student.

• Instructor: Alix Schwartz, Ph.D.
• Session: C (June 22 - August 14)
• Class Number: 12227
• Session: C
• Units: 2
• Location: Online
• Register/Add Deadline: June 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (PT)
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UC Berkeley's College of Letters and Science offers over eighty different major programs. Letters and Sciences W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts is a window into the kind of undergraduate education that American liberal arts colleges are famous for. To help new students understand and choose wisely among courses and majors in the College of Letters and Science, the college has created an online course featuring over twenty faculty guest speakers from different departments, five L&S deans, and a range of recent alumni. Together these guest speakers deliver mini-lectures on fascinating topics ranging from earthquakes to the sense of touch and from the root causes of poverty to the philosophy of science.