Letters & Science W1 - High School Students

After eight weeks of interacting with professors, meeting alumni, and collaborating with peers, I can definitely say that I have a far deeper understanding of the liberal arts discipline than I did the first day I started this course.

Instructor: Alix Schwartz, Ph.D.
Session: C (June 18- August 10, 2018)
Class Number: 13607
Session: C
Units: 2
Location: Online

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Are you thinking of applying to UC Berkeley, or any other great university? Chances are, no matter how good your high school is, you have not had a chance to study even half of the fascinating topics on offer at a place like Berkeley's College of Letters & Science with its over 80 major programs. Letters and Science W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts is an online survey course that was created to give an overview of the intellectual riches of the college in the form of mini-lectures by faculty members, deans and recent graduates. Juniors and seniors who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and want to make the most of their college educations will benefit from this course. As a high-school student you probably often hear the advice to "follow your passion"—but how can you realistically know what you are passionate about if you have not sampled most of the options before you? This course can help you discover that passion.

To enroll in Exploring the Liberal Arts, you will first register for Berkeley’s Pre-Collegiate program. After registering, you will be able to enroll in the course. Make a note of the Class Number 13607 – you will need it to complete the enrollment process.

This course is not open to visiting international high school students.


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