Letters & Science W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts for Newly Admitted Freshmen

CalWeek Info Session on L&S W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts
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Just take it. I literally can't think of any incoming freshman who wouldn't benefit from this course.

One thing I noticed after finishing this course is that I am so, SO excited to get started at Cal. There are so many great programs and opportunities just waiting for each and every single one of us.

• Instructor: Alix Schwartz, Ph.D.
• Session: C (June 22 - August 14)
• Class Number: 12227
• Units: 2
• Location: Online
Register/Add Deadline: June 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (PT)

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Are you excited to be coming to Berkeley, but not sure where or how to start exploring your academic options?

Letters and Science W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts is a summer online course that provides an introduction to the intellectual landscape of the College of Letters & Science and gives you a head start on your education and your connections with both students and professors. You will meet guest speakers and faculty members from over twenty departments who will deliver mini-lectures on fascinating topics ranging from earthquakes to the sense of touch and from the root causes of poverty to the philosophy of science. This course can help you discover what your passion is at Berkeley.

Take this course for free! Newly admitted freshmen who complete this course with a “Pass” grade will receive a credit toward the cost of this course on their account. Note that tuition may appear on your account if the credit has not yet been applied. If you do not receive a “Pass” grade, the credit will be removed from your account.

Plus! Newly admitted freshmen who pass will also receive a free unit of tuition toward a class or program of their choice during summer 2021. See below for more details.

To enroll in Exploring the Liberal Arts you will first need to register for the Freshman Edge program.

Look for the Freshman Edge message in your CalCentral and accept and join the program to register. After registering, you will be able to enroll in the course. Please make sure to opt into Freshmen Edge by Thursday, June 18th so that you can register for this course by the June 19th deadline. Make a note of the Class Number 12227 – you will need it to complete the enrollment process.

Claiming your free unit for summer 2021: Following the conclusion of the course, newly admitted freshmen who completed with a "Pass" grade will receive an email confirming they're eligible for the free Berkeley unit of tuition in summer 2021. This free tuition unit (valued at $419 for summer 2020) can be applied toward a general summer class, an online course, a summer minor or certificate program, or a Berkeley Summer Abroad or Berkeley Global Internships program. In advance of Summer Sessions registration opening for summer 2021, you will receive email instructions and a form to apply your free unit toward the class or program of your choice. If not redeemed during summer 2021, this free unit of tuition will expire.

Students can earn a maximum of one free unit of tuition for next summer. If you are enrolled in both L&SW1 and L&S C12, you will only be eligible for one free unit in summer 2021 upon receiving a passing grade.