French Workshop

Beginning language learners, including undergraduates and graduate students from Berkeley and elsewhere, are especially encouraged to consider French 15. This intensive course offers the closest thing to total immersion outside of a stay in a French-speaking country. The course provides the equivalent of the first two semesters of college French (French 1 and 2) and includes a rich variety of cultural activities such as films and lectures. Both oral and written skills are emphasized in daily grammar presentations and conversation, drill, and language laboratory sessions.

The goals of French 15 are (a) to teach you to speak, read, write, and understand the fundamental structures of French grammar and vocabulary, (b) to teach you to create with the French language and (c) to give you an awareness of French culture and an initial exposure to French literature. By the end of the summer, you can expect to be able to do the following in French:

  • request or share facts about yourself and others; share or elicit opinions, feelings, and judgments
  • express personal concerns
  • remember or restate the contributions made by other class members
  • request clarification and explanation
  • discuss subjects of interest to you, past experiences, future hopes and plans
  • cope well enough to provide for your own needs in a French-speaking environment
  • express your thoughts simply but clearly in essentially correct French prose

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