Berkeley Summer Sessions would like to thank you for making this one of our most successful summers ever. You are now one of thousands of students from across the United States and world who have taken advantage of the great opportunities provided by Berkeley Summer Sessions. Summer is the only time of year that visiting students have access to UC Berkeley's internationally recognized faculty, staff, and resources. Students can make valuable professional connections each year by meeting with new friends and faculty. UC Berkeley and its renowned reputation will forever be part of your transcript and your resume.

In an effort to continue providing the best possible opportunities for future Alumni we are asking for donations to the Berkeley Summer Sessions Fundraising Effort. Stay in contact with UC Berkeley and strengthen the connections you have made. In recognition of your donation you may receive a membership to the prestigious California Alumni Association. The California Alumni Association offers you a wide range of benefits. You will receive the California Magazine which provides the most up-to-date information about the happenings at UC Berkeley. Members have free library privileges at all UC campuses and access to Bear Connections (a career networking resource).

Thank you again for for making this summer a success, and thank you in advance for your contribution ensuring the unique opportunities provided by Berkeley Summer Sessions are available to thousands of future students.

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For gifts of $300 and up we offer a membership to the California Alumni Association as a special gift of recognition. You will join over 95,000 fellow Alumni and enjoy discounted services and merchandise from the University of California system. Included in the benefits are access to all UC libraries, discounts on items from the Cal Student store, career connections, travel insurance, discounts with Kaplan, and many other perks.

Please review the California Alumni Association Brochure.